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D.B.I.M.R of Institutions

D.B.I.M.R of Institutions aims to provide for its students, meaningful and relevant education that emphasizes both the liberal and professional aspects of higher education, steeped in rich Indian Culture and heritage and rooted in universal religious philosophies of the world. Within this context D. B. Institute of Management & Research provides educational opportunities to all qualified students to discover and disseminate knowledge in order to serve communities around the world. We firmly believe in imparting Management education that teaches how to live and how to make a living. As a center of learning dedicated to education, research and service, we combines experiential learning with rigorous scholarship in all our educational programs to produce educated learners who are awake to new, challenging possibilities.

We are committed, foremost to academic excellence and intellectual competence. Freedom of expression and inquiry, exchange of ideas, cultural activities, intensive classroom instruction, and numerous informal events of our college community combine to ensure that each student receives a thorough management education in tune with the global realities of a rapidly evolving world.