Well-Equipped Digital Library



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Well-Equipped Digital Library

Perhaps no place in any community is as totally democratic as the library. The only entrance required is interest. The above saying is absolutely true. Library is a place where we get every type of information under one roof. The only thing we need is interest and time to search for it.

We have a well-equipped library that can accommodate more than 50 students at a time. There are very good books of all subjects and written by

renowned writers. This also includes Encyclopedias, Thesauruses, Dictionaries, Books of Quotations, Reference Books on all subjects, etc.. Children also have access to internet to get the information they need for project work. Library is a growing organism, so we update our library from time to time.

Books are man’s best friends. They give him company equally in times of happiness as well as in times of distress. They are one of the main sources of knowledge. The best place for easy access to books is a library. Keeping this fact in mind we motivate our students to make the best use of our library.